Sixth Avenue MRT Station at Bukit Timah

This is underground station operating along stage 2 of Downtown Line. Sixth Avenue MRT station is at Coronation road, Hillcrest as well as Swiss Club planning subzones boundaries. Its construction is underneath the popular Bukit Timah Road at Eng Neo as well as fourth Avenue roads junctions and serves areas of Bukit Timah corridor.

Sixth Avenue MRT Station is at a prime area with several gated private homes, communities as well as condominiums, commercial buildings, schools, dining centers, entertainment joints among many others. There are two platforms in Sixth Avenues MRT Station. Both of them are utilized by trains traveling from all sides.

Six Avenue MRT Station Located Near to Private Condominiums

The air conditioned station as well as environment tunnel are isolated via a full height platform screen doors to ensure the security and comfort of commuters is enhanced. The ceiling is very high due to the concourse levels wrapping thus creating a spacious feeling. There are many lifts, escalators as well as stairs connecting the concourses.

Information systems using plasma screen to display are attached to every platform in order to display train arrivals as well as important messages. Also, there is tactile flooring that plays a big role in guiding visually impaired to the exits. Juniper Hills Freehold Condo is located near to Sixth Avenue MRT Station. The developer for Juniper Hills Condo is Allgreen Properties.

Fare Gates at Sixth Avenue MRT Station

There are fare gates featuring in the concourse for collecting fair automatically as well as linking to the unpaid and paid sections of the station. The swinging gate is also in place. This helps the people carrying heavy goods or passengers using wheelchairs. With the availability of general ticket machines, the commuters are able to purchase either single journey or multiple journeys tickets without hustle. Another machine on board is Top up and the stations are always staffed when it’s operational hours.

Two Exits at Sixth Avenue MRT Station Bukit Timah MRT Station

The station is equipped with two exits. They are A and B located at the ground level. Exit A offers the surface level entry to the underground station while B connects to the overhead bridge. The Overhead bridge ends are equipped with lifts, escalators as well as equipment to allow disabled people to comfortably access.

Sixth Avenue MRT Station has amenities such as public toilets as well as civil defense shelter. Commuter’s safety is guaranteed by provisional of emergency features such as fire extinguishers, telephones as well as stop buttons among others. There are various bus stations that link to Sixth Avenue MRT station and taxis readily to pick passengers dropping at their selected exits. In case there is any disruption hindering smooth flow of services in Sixth Avenue MRT Station, rail bridges services are brought in action to aid the stretches affected.

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