Bukit Timah is one of the most visited nature destinations from the city of Singapre and is a nature reserve. The reserve has a total area of 1.64 square kilometres and is offers an authentic experience of a rainforest to the visitors. It contains various species of flora and fauna and in the year 2011, it was declared as an ASEAN heritage park.

Bukit Timah Greenery and Nature Trails

For a tourist, Bukit Timah offers various ways of spending time and exploring the dense greenery around. There are various activities that can be tried out and Bukit Timah has something special to offer to everyone. From walking through beautiful nature trails to tasting some exquisite local dishes, this place is a perfect spot to explore the different flavours of Singapore.

Historical Railway Bridge at Bukit Timah

Those who love to spend time amidst nature can trek through a section of the picturesque green corridor at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. This trail is 26 kilometre long and is along an old railway line that used to connect Malayasia with Singapore. There are many spots in this route, including a historical railway bridge, which will make the photographer in you come alive. You can also scale the highest peak of Singapore, which is 163 meters tall, and catch a bird’s eye view of the entire area from here.

Once you are a bit tired from the trek, there are quite a few great spots in Bukit Timah to rest and recharge yourself. The Spruce restaurant, build in an old fire station is an ideal place for having lunch. It serves classic Italian and American dishes with some delicious desserts. The Violet Oon restaurant and the Al-Azhar eating restaurant are some of the popular places that serves great food. There are plenty of other options too and if you want to explore some local dishes, you can visit the Bukit Timah Market and Hawker centre.

Relaxing Spa and Gallop Stables at Bukit Timah

There are also other activities like learning to ride a horse in the Gallop stables or relaxing and distressing in the beautiful Ikeda spa. In case you are looking for some quite time amidst nature, you can visit the Bukit Batok nature park located a kilometre away. It has a beautiful lake, which is a good place to sit and enjoy some quite moments. If you are fond of shopping, there are quite a few shopping centres and plazas that you can visit around the area. Bukit Timah is the perfect place to enjoy a day with your friends and family. So if you are visiting Singapore, take a day to explore the gems of this nature reserve.