Allgreen Properties is a Singaporean real estate and property group. Founded in 1986, Allgreen Properties remains as one of Singapore’s property organizations and renowned for it’s stellar track record of past, current and upcoming projects both locally and internationally. In Singapore itself, Allgreen is owner of a substantial amount of residential, retail, hotels, office and apartment space.

Allgreen Properties Real Estate Listed in Singapore Stock Exchange

Allgreen Properties Limited is a real estate arm exclusively by the Kuok Group located in Singapore. Allgreen maintained it’s position on the Singapore Stock Exchange; right before an acquisition by Brookvale Investments delisted the company in August 2011. Allgreen Properties have maintained their household name in the real estate industry by winning significant awards and accolades for their work. Esteemed awards include gold championships for the BCA Quality Excellence Award and have also been declared winners in the BCA Construction Excellence Awards.

As of today, the company operates by working hand-in-hand with Leo Property Management (LPM). As a subsidiary of Allgreen Properties, LPM works to manage everything from concept and design planning, overseeing construction work and drafting up budgets for Allgreen’s developments. Allgreen Properties are driven to create their own mark in the real estate industry, by offering unparalleled real estate service and a well balanced portfolio of residential and commercial developments. Their newest project is Juniper Hill located in the upscale residential area of Bukit Timah.

Allgreen Properties Local Portfolio in Residential and Office Developments

Allgreen Properties is one of the largest and most renowned property groups in their home country, Singapore. Allgreen’s portfolio of developments and projects are diverse –ranging from residential terraced houses to industrial office spaces. The company has worked extensively on projects such as Tanglin Mall, Regency Park, Changi Court and Suites at Orchard. Allgreen Properties have completed multiple high-end projects in Singapore alone; which allows the company to stand out from the rest in terms of real estate diversification and responsible urbanization. Over the years, Allgreen has also been known to push the boundaries and bring new innovations to the table –much like their Summergarden project. Summergarden is the first of Allgreen Properties’ Cluster Terrace housing residential project and consists of a whole 86 modern and sophisticatedly built houses. One of their most noted projects are of course Great World City Singapore; one of the countries largest integrated property development areas.

Allgreen Properties International Portfolio and Joint Ventures

Over the span of more than three decades in the industry, Allgreen has also made a number of internationally renowned joint ventures. Their influence and expertise have reached all the way to both China and Vietnam. Allgreen Properties has participated in a number of upscale developments in Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang and many other provinces and municipalities in China. Vietnam has also witnessed a number of Allgreen’s ventures in the world famous District 2, Ho Chi Minh City and other beachfront villas around Vung Tau City.